Art2Go Fashion Bag #7: I Love You

An Art2Go Fashion Bag inspired by the “I love You” theme. Green and lavender color tones speak “I Love You! in this wearable unique street art fashion bag. A cross body all-over-print bag for the guy or gal on the go.

Art2Go Fashion Bag #6: Street Art Ship

An Art2Go Fashion Bag with a ship theme, eyes above watching over the ocean, and an inspire font to go.

Art2Go Fashion Bag #5: Shadows and Lines

A signature grey and black graffiti and street art print delivered in an all-over-print cross body bag. Your next shopping trip just got downright trendy and stylish.

Art2Go Fashion Bags #4: Street Faces

We are but faces painted across souls. Wearable street art brought to you in fabric designs. Carry over the shoulder cross body bag with lavender, pink, and green tones for the on the go person.

Art2Go Fashion Bags #3: Walls Talk

…a hint of brown and oranges in this street art design cross body all-over-print bag.

…if walls could talk…they would breathe life into the struggles of those who live in the streets and the writings they leave on walls.